Bert & Pinal Troubleshoot a Slow Performing SQL Server

Published on: 2018-11-13

What happens when you run into performance tuning expert Pinal Dave?  Talk about how to troubleshoot a slow performing SQL Server of course!

This week is all about the video, so if you can’t view it above, head on over to my YouTube channel to watch it there.

After watching, be sure to check out Pinal’s free performance diagnostic scripts over at

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3 thoughts on “Bert & Pinal Troubleshoot a Slow Performing SQL Server”

  1. Adam Machanic’s sp_whoisactive is the best tool to use for identifying performance issues. There’s even a parameter available to append the output to a history table. So set up a SQL Agent job to write the output to such a table and then a simple case of mining the data to identify the connection using the most CPU, the longest duration, the most transaction log writes, the top header blocker etc. It even has an option to capture the query plans for the active connections. An absolute must have tool if you are serious about performance management.

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